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Auto Credit Superstore was founded to help people with less than perfect credit to obtain auto financing. We find you the best terms and conditions and your ideal car loan or truck loan. Please inquire about our services with refinancing current auto loans. One stop shopping in Calgary, ALBERTA, Canada and across the nation!


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Car Loan Questions

Q: Does it cost me anything to fill out this car loan application?


A: No! There is no cost to fill out this application. There is no risk or cost to you.


Q: What if my credit is horribly bad?


A: We believe everybody deserves a second chance. Most of us have experienced hard times but that does not make us bad people! No matter what your credit situation is, there is a way to find you a car loan.


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Funding a car purchase or lease can be a difficult task, especially in today's difficult economic climate. Funding sources often dry up, and as little as a few bills paid late can cause damage to your credit score and thus harm your chances with regular financing companies. With Autocredit Superstore, we've leveraged our network of dealerships and lenders to help you out, bad credit or no credit at all. Financing is available for your automobile purchase, and we can get you behind the wheel fast and painlessly, regardless of your financial circumstances.

We've got dealers standing by with every make and model available, and the financial help you need to move you from thinking about a car purchase, to sitting down in the front seat and driving off the lot. Everybody drives, and something like a divorce or other financial hardship shouldn't stop you from having the freedom to drive and get the car financing you need. We can help you find the car and lender with the best possible interest rate, one that will allow you to begin building up your credit and improving your financial ratings without any initial credit necessary!

All you need to do is ocntact Autocredit Superstore, and tell our team of agents exactly what you're looking for. We'll guide you along the painless path to auto financing, and connect you with the best possible car loan options, regardless of your credit rating. Contact us today!




Get on the road to rebuilding your credit today!



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